Thursday, November 26, 2009

'Metra City: Destiny's Kiss' Synopsis

Up and coming writer Jaree Francis debuts with the fresh urban fiction novel, Metra City: Destiny’s Kiss. The tale focuses on a band of brothers who are being pulled apart as they embark on the road to their individual destiny. Reznor, Lando, Chase $, and Nimrod have been friends for many years, but things are changing. Metra City is ridden with gang violence, drug trafficking, and poverty, yet some see a ray of light through all of the darkness. While some embrace wretched paths, others seek refuge. This story is unique and introduces you to interesting characters such as the femme fatale Regalia, the ever prayerful Forever, a young & untamable vixen known simply as Tara, and also Chase’s children’s mother, Lara. Definitely worth the read and it is also absent of profanity.